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Playboy Philippines – Priscilla Meirelles April 3, 2008

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Priscilla Meirelles Playboy Philippines

Definitely a good news to all the Filipino’s out there (more specifically the male population). The new Philippine version of the sexy magazine Playboy is now officially released. As we all know, Playboy, famous for it’s one-sided bunny (or rabbit) logo, has not only been a brand, but an icon, for quite sometime now, indulging into all sorts of media, always entertaining all of its readers (or audiences) around the world.

And now it’s here!!!

And what better way to choose a cover girl for the first issue, than to get the most beautiful girl on Earth last 2004, miss Priscilla Meirelles.

For those who don’t know yet, Priscilla won the Miss Globe pageant back in 2003 in Turkey, and (of course) Miss Earth last 2004, which was held in the Philippines by the way, representing Brazil (who won all four major pageants that year), and judging by this photo, I guess there won’t be a need of an explanation as to why.

For some, specially filipinos, she might look familiar. This probably goes because she’s been seen a lot lately in television as she star’s in some commercials, like her Nescafe Commercial and Carefree Commercial.

So Beautiful.

And just so you’ll know, she stands only 5’10” feet.

That’s 8 inches above me. Tsk3x.

3 Critical:

  1. Up Next… Hollywood? – the Philippines is definitely catching up with. From FHM, to Big Brother, Wheel of Fortune, and now the Pinoy Playboy. Who ever said Hollywood was unreachable. Definitely not Pinoys.
  2. Worth Every Choice – ok, she’s not pinay, and she stars the first Philippine Playboy issue… big deal. I guess every pinoy out there wouldn’t mind, coz she’s beauty, sexy, intellect, and just what everyone would love to see the in the cover.
  3. Your Lucky Day!!!! – coz I can’t get enough of her, and so can’t you right? Well, if you feel the same, and wanna buy that first issue and frame it for sure coz it might be a big deal on e-bay soon. I’m gonna share to you some more photos…. just click here.


1. Abner Takita - April 22, 2008


2. bugz - April 23, 2008

there’s no need to be happy for having a philippine version of playboy. we don’t need palanca award-winning articles. you know what i mean :p

3. bookdealspy - April 23, 2008

who wants to buy a copy?

4. everydayman - April 24, 2008

Do you really have the copy?… how much will it cost me ?

5. as it falls - April 28, 2008

new chismis about Playboy. The Hef heard & saw that it was so bad… he had all the issues pulled out.

anybody out there who can confirm this?

6. as it falls - April 28, 2008

Playboy Philippines is much more than a BOO… it is a insult to the Playboy editions worldwide.
Dalisay and Yuson and the other Palanca award winners are excellent writers… excellent but boring. pretty much like their newpaper columns. there’s just no way that they can catch the attention of magazine readers. as i’ve mentioned in other blogs and sites… Beting has formed a dream team… for a NEWSPAPER! they are entering a genre which they cannot possibly comprehend. they are dependent on words… a magazine is not a newspaper… magazines depend heavily on visuals. which none of the editorial team of Playboy… and their useless Palanca writers have. you cannot teach a geriatric dog new tricks. Dolor, Yuson, Dalisay, and the rest are not even willing to embrace this. how can they possibly succeed?
And the publisher is more concerned about acquiring the Playboy Casino. he does not give a damn about the magazine. At least Gokongwei of Summit and Lopez of Abs-Cbn pub are conscious about the quality of their mags. Mr. Ku… just simply… doesn’t care. that’s why it’s ok for Playboy Philippines to look like crap… as long as he can hold on and wait for Playboy international to foolishly give him the casino franchise… he’s happy.
but you have to give it to the Playboy Philippines people. they are a hardy bunch. i guess for people like Krip Yuson… this is his last stab at fame and fortune. and for people like Beting Dolor… he’s just too old to do anything else. pretty much like their magazine… it is a desperate attempt.

7. as it falls - April 28, 2008

heard more inside chismis.

Priscilla hated the original “Black Mamba Team” that did the photography. it was just a bunch of “feeling-photographer-fellows” who thought that they were good enough to do a magazine shoot.

But they were idiots and Priscilla was super disappointed. she specifically fixed up the famous SECOND SHOOT (on her own! go girl!) with a better and competent and REAL team. she told the staff of Playboy Philippines not to use any of the shots from the first shoot. but lo and behold… they still used the cooking magazine cover option. She was really pissed but gave up.

Poor Priscilla.

8. as it falls - April 28, 2008

Playboy Philippines is sold for P199!!! If you wanted to buy something of the same quality… you could buy a hefty amount of manure for the same cost AND IT WILL EVEN PROVE TO BE BETTER than Playboy Phils!

9. everydayman - April 29, 2008

Thanks for sharing any of these info guy….

Just one thing, Is it really that bad? , if that’s the case, then they should have placed more pictures of hot women instead of their award winning (not for playboy) writ ups… right?

10. jenkinspogi - May 8, 2008

Why does the first issue of every men’s mag in the Philippines have to be
a foreigner? I mean, sure they are beautiful but wouldn’t it be nice to have a Pinay to grace its pages?

11. everydayman - May 8, 2008

yeah, I wanna ask the same question to them too …. it looses it’s credibility don’t you think?

There are a lot of Filipina’s out there which are so deserving … just like the girls featured in http://celebri3.blogspot.com.

12. as it falls - May 12, 2008

I can’t quite remember what UNO had back then. it was probably a Filipina. Maxim came up with Angelica Panganiban, which i thought was pretty hot.

13. everydayman - May 13, 2008

Yeah its angelica… but probably because it’s not some franchised magazine. It’s actually owned by Diether Ocampo.

14. as it falls - May 14, 2008

which one Maxim or Uno?

I think Diether owns Uno. But Maxim is an international franchise owned by abs-cbn.


me and my friends saw a copy of the 2nd Playboy Philippines…

much better! i guess Beting & friends finally got their act together.

cover girl is Raquel Gibson. one of the Fil-Am international covergirls before. thank god the cover is finally a full body shot! it’s a shot of her on a bangka SS Raquel. much better.

although i still didn’t buy it… so i have no idea how the inside looks like. anybody out there seen the inside?

15. everydayman - May 14, 2008

Big thanks man…

Now I have someone to look for again… Good thing she’s got a bit of Filipina in her .. and a lot of beauty to show. …

Gonna check that out later …

R u subscribing by the way ? or just buying ?

16. as it falls - May 19, 2008

Apparently Mr. Ku the financier/publisher was bitchslapped by Playboy International.

That’s why the second issue (well the cover at least) is looking a million times better.

Also the current editor in chief, Beting Dolor will “resign” soon. Supposedly he won’t last beyond June or July of 2008.

Maybe the Hef though it was time to let the old dog go. HAHA!

17. coy - May 19, 2008

haha… .

Now they’re talking.

Good moves will do good someday.

Thanks for the info man.

18. Taong Grasa - May 20, 2008

I think it is just the same as the FHM =) bro pa link po

19. everydayman - May 31, 2008

I have yet to find that out… but I will someday….

I need to tell them something too…. something they won’t enjoy…

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