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“Superhero Movie” – Trailer 2008 April 2, 2008

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We all know we can’t ever get enough of superheroes trying to save the world from creatures, or villains that are all into one goal, and that is world domination. We all know there’s about all kind of superheroes, with all kinds of super hero strength’s, powers, and ability. We all know that being a hero is not that easy. But nobody ever told us superheroes can’t be fun (or stupid).

Just a couple of days ago, March 28, 2008 to be exact, the movie “Superhero Movie” was released in theatres featuring: Pamela Anderson as The Invisible Girl, Simon Rex as The Human Torc, Drake Bell (Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh) as Rick Riker/Dragonfly, Ryan Hansen (Dick Veronica Mars) as Lance Landers, Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) as Mr. Xavier and Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun franchise) as Uncle Albert.

This is yet another “just watch” movie from the makers of Naked Gun, and Scary Movie. It may not be your typical superhero movie, it may not inspire you that much, but one thing is for sure.

We can all download it soon… Hahahah

3 Critical:

  1. Super Zero – when you’ve got ZERO things to think about: no date, no money, no work, no school… then better downlaod this movie. It might just make you feel wanting to be a super hero.
  2. At The Back – and I’m talking about what part in the newspaper this superhero’s comic is found. And everyone’s dad reads newspaper. Now beat that.
  3. Leslie Nielsen’s Back!!! – and this is either a bad or a good news. Where have you been white hair?…. The world needs you now.


1. Priya - April 4, 2008

Omg ! Drake !! I just can’t stop looking at him !! 😀
Any idea where the movie can be downloaded from ?

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