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Tree Man- Very Very Weird Video April 1, 2008

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Here’s one video that made me stop and think about what the world is up to these days. This, by the way, has been around the internet for quite some time, but I figured that there are still a lot of people (like me) who haven’t yet seen one of the most unbelievable videos, and thing to happen to someone.

You might be wondering what my title means, and I can tell you.. I do mean my title in every sense. It’s not some movie but it’s one thing you have to see for yourself.

To give an idea, let me explain it this way. A tree is one thing, and a man is another. But sometimes, (or just this one time), one became both a tree and a man. Unbelievable? … Believe it.

Now I sound like Dean Cain on Ripley’s.

They say it’s real, they say it’s fake, the say it’s science, but me… I just can’t believe it’s true.

    Now it’s your turn to watch. Click on the video.

    3 Critical:

    1. Fashion? – so why won’t he cut them anyway? .. He can do that right? Or he just likes the way it is.
    2. Genetics or Mutation? – if there are any scientists out there.. please help me with this. Professor X, Is that you calling ? ….. Nooooooooo!
    3. How Big – I’m just curious as to how big it will become. Yes, and what kind of tree it is. It might help to know these things.


    1. sinblancaporelmundo - April 1, 2008

    ¿Cómo de grande tiene que ser la provocación para convertirte en un racista?


    2. lina katsavouni - April 14, 2008

    tree man

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