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Don’t You (Nug)Get It? – NBA Mistakes March 28, 2008

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Denver Nuggets. One of the teams with the better line-ups in the NBA, but which records doesn’t really show it. Now currently (43-28), this typical good players, less teamwork team is getting the worst out of the “basketball is a team game” statement. There is no doubt that they posses two of the best (corn-rowed, head banded, and bionic arm wrapped) players in the league, namely Carmelo Anthony (the big guy with all the moves who can punish every defender inside and outside) and Allen Iverson (the unstoppable, tough-to-the-guts, scoring machine). And having these two players simply means a guaranteed 50 or more points every game. But Where is the teamwork? Even they are asking.

As a 20/20 team, (meaning they can beat any team by 20 or more points, and can also be beaten by any team by 20 or more), they really fall short in the consistency of their teamwork part of the game, and this won’t, in any way, help them triumph in the playoffs.

I guess in order for them to win, they should be each others nugget (whatever this means), and help eachother out. Key players such as J.R. Smith & Marcus Camby should be given attention and use to their advantage, as these two players can bring both defense, and outside scoring to distribute the defense, coz we all know they’ve got the 2 best one-on-one players, (but keep in mind, one-on-one doesn’t happen when there’s 2 defenders OK’).

Either this, or they’ll just hope Carmelo & Allen bring their “A” games with every step of their way against the very tough western conference teams.

3 Critical:
  1. Most Painted Duo – without a doubt, Carmelo & Allen are the most painted (tattoo) dynamic, or not more on dynamic, duo in the NBA. But what does it do?
  2. Coach Karl’s Getting Bald – and I don’t see anything wrong, but instead I see something like “cause and effect”.
  3. Beating Spurs For Dummies – this one has to be every western teams activity before and after practice.


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