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Break Dancing Baby March 27, 2008

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I’ve seen babies sing, paint a picture, name all the presidents, recite the countries and their capitals, and even make older people laugh, but I never taught I’d see one bust a move like those floor rolling, head standing (and a lot of jumping) guys from the movie You Got Served“. And did video, really got me served.

There are three (3) things that caught my attention watching this video. One would be if this kid, at his age, is insured by any insurance company that he don’t even bother standing with his head. Two would be, if this kid is just playing around, or there’s just something itchy inside his pants, which I doubt coz he smiles all the time (but never stops moving) , and Three would be, if this is a kid or just a midget that look likes one. It’s not Little Man right?

But anyway, I guess everyone would be impressed with what this little boy could do. And more than that, one this little guy wears. He’s born to dance, and that hand waving thing you’ll see in the video, that’s legit.

3 Critical:

  1. Getting Younger – the older people should be more competitive nowadays, coz the way I see it, the age where people start to do what we started doing when we were older, is getting younger.
  2. Before Saying “Mama”? – I’m just a bit curious…Did this boy learn to dance before he could say Mama?
  3. Got Milk – now this one would make a good commercial with the line “Got Milk” (my idea!… my idea!)


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