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The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep (2008)- Amazing 3D March 26, 2008

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Watching a movie’s trailer is one way to judge whether a movie is worth watching. Movies actually spend a huge amount of money just to be able to create a trailer that would attract a lot of viewers into watching (which basically give them idea of their sales even before a film is fully released), while carefully choosing scenes that can either intrigue the viewers to their curiousity as to what will happen, or give them a view of how a very good story goes.

Trailers may just be 1-3 minutes long, but if you ask anybody in the movie industry, they’ll surely agree that trailers are as big as the movies themselves.

But in Japan, they went to a whole different level of promoting the film “The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep“. And this time, I say it’s better than any other trailers out there. Watch closely and you’ll see the “Lochness Monster” come to life as water splashes through the air, carefully created with a shed-load of projectors and synchronised water fountains.

Now this is promotion at it’s best.

I bet it’s better to really see it live while you feel the droplets of water fill your eyes.

3 Critical:

  1. Tell Me Who!!! – can anyone please tell me who engineered this thing, or if an engineer even thought of this thing. Things like these are one of a kind.
  2. How About Jessica Alba? I really have much confidence with Japanese innovation, and just so you guys know, I really would want to see a Jessica Alba in water (just like that) someday. Don’t You???
  3. Don’t Do This At Home – kids, don’t even try dong this at home. Unless you have million dollar projectors, and giant fountains, but don’t ever asked your Dad (or even Santa) for something like this, it’ss gonna ruin a lot of plans. Maybe even your college degree budget.


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