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The HEAT Is Back – NBA Dance Team March 26, 2008

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NBA Dance Bracket

If you think the NBA is by far the best entertainment sports there is in entire globe, then you’re right. If you think the NBA is the best Basketball league in the world, then you’re right again. But, if you think that “basketball” is the only best thing about the NBA, then I guess you haven’t heard about the NBA Dance Teams.

For two consecutive years, the most popular dance team (and I can’t see why not), the “HEAT Dancers” danced the floor all the way to the championship for a two in a row spree. And now, their back to defend their title once again. But that will go along with 29 other teams of sexy, hot, athletically dancing girls that make up the whole tournament, battling it out for pride, entertainment, and the right to be hot.

The playoffs may not be starting yet, but things are really heating up now in the NBA, and starting March 25 (Oh! thats Today), these girls need your help, and your votes up until the final round of voting that will happen on April 2-3. The winners will then be announced on the 4th of April, but take note, only registered NBA All-Access members are allowed to vote so if you’re not one, then you can start by registering here.

And just to tease you about how hot and sexy this thing could be, I’ll share one video for you. Gentlemen, (ok, ladies too…), it’s time to feel the HEAT.

3 Critical:

  1. How Bout Beijing? – I guess someone should try to make this an international sport, “Miss Dancing Universe” maybe, I’m sure it’ll be the main event on the Olympics. Imagine al those girls, from everywhere.
  2. NBA Entertainment – who wouldn’t agree when I say the NBA really knows how to entertain. Even without balls.
  3. I Love Half Times – I usually hate them (half time’s), cause they talk about the past. Who did this, who did that, who didn’t do anything, but starting today, I won’t bother having an hour long half time, as long as the dancefloor’s full. Bring It On!!!!


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