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Sudoku – In The Bathroom March 25, 2008

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soduko tolet

One of the best things in life happen inside the bathroom. Whether you’re shaving, brushing your teeth, taking a very (needed) clean bath, or just taking a crap out of a relaxed day.

Some say these things are just necessities and it can’t be that fun, but others strongly disagree.

There are actually a lot of things we can do when we’re inside the bathroom. And a lot of daily products are made just to fill those times with something productive, educational, recreational, and in short “fun”. Others love to answer crossword puzzles, while other read the news paper, I myself read “Readers Digest” issues, and sometimes I send text messages. But these are things you can do comfortably at home, and are limited to certain places only.

So what if you’re not home? What if you’re in a mall? What if you’re not in a place with all those stuffs? Are you just gonna focus on anti-multi-tasking bathroom chores?

The answer is NO.

The Japanese (as expected) came up with yet another solution to your everyday concerns by making the first ever “Sudoku Tissue“. Just like any other normal tissue, and can do what any other tissues do, but each division is printed with Sudokus for you to solve.

Now you can play this game of numbers while you do whatever it is your stomach wants you to do everywhere.

Now that’s creativity.

3 Critical:

  1. Longer Breaks – this inventions make “longer (emergency) breaks” an important thing to consider. It takes time to solve you know.
  2. My What If’s – what if the people try to use this tissues as sudoku pads, and not more as tissue anymore. Wouldn’t it erase it’s entire purpose?
  3. What’s Next, Multiplayer? – Japanese technology has been consistently surprising us with their unpredictable inventions. Now I have to ask this, are they planning on making multiplayer tissue games? It would surprise me.


1. yaake - March 25, 2008

I personally like the tissue papers with bush’s pic on it!! 😀

2. mariouy - March 25, 2008

hahaha great photo 🙂 I don’t know if the Jackson’s will brake … believe me I don’t

Best wishes, MaRio

3. Amber - March 26, 2008

How did you get my e-mail?

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