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English Subs – Piracy Humor? March 25, 2008

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There three main reasons why people love pirated DVD’s or CD’s, or simply movies in general. The First would be, it’s very early release of movies (some of which are actually DVD copies already), mostly even before they are shown in theaters and are officially released. Second would be it’s very cheap price as compared to the original copy. It’s not even 50% of the normal price, but way way lower than that, and if you buy more than 1, you might get a lower price than their low prices. And Third, is it’s added humor to the whole movie (specially the sub’s), regardless of its natural genre. Even serious movies can make you laugh in ways you never imagined.

Take for instance this photo snapshot from the movie “Blade Of The Rose” starring Jaycee Chan (yes, Jackie Chan’s son), and the ever pretty Charlene Choi. His debut movie actually.

The photo on top was taken from a scene where Hu and Lung inrtoduced themselves to a certain old man. (NOTE: nothing is altered, just a screenshot) In this scene, the subs say “I is Hu, he is Lung. We is sister sister”. Say WHAT?????

And it doesn’t end there. In another scene where she saw a a bounty hunter (or ninja), probably before initiating a fight, she asked “You is the who is?”.

Now why do they say the sub’s are sometimes irritating? Honestly I found them amusing.

More of these bloopers can be found in this site: http://witerary.com/

3 Critical:

  1. Subs Are Subtitles – just in case some of you don’t understand what “subs” means.
    They’re subtitles ok? .. now please don’t ask me what subtitles are.
  2. A possibility? – come to think of it, maybe this was done on purpose. We all know what Jackie can contribute to the humor industry right?
  3. A Good Movie Actually – anything worth placing subtitles is a good movie. Even Harry potter got crazy subs too.


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