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Where did all the Mario’s Go? March 24, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Computers, Photos.
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super mario

We’ve all been kids, and we’ve all played games. And, if you’ve been born somewhere in the 90’s, chances are you’ve held and played the game of Super Mario Bro’s.

We all know how addicted we are to that game, and we would sometimes skip meal just to get through level 3, and then 4, and then 5, and so on, and we’ve even played it long enough to notice that the clouds have exactly the same form as the grass below it. (you didn’t know that right?)

But anyway, I guess we all have our share of experiences with Mario like: we all dropped Mario a couple of times in the cliff, or have him eaten by those deadly orchids, or died while being passed with a side-viewed turtle, or worst, the fires of Koopa. Now the question we all wanna ask is, after all, where have all the Mario’s gone?

Good thing I saw this photo from somewhere else. This pretty much answered all my questions in a logical way. Now I know there’s someone ou there more curious than me.

No wonder the mushrooms grow all the time.

3 Critical:

  1. Never Shaved can someone tell me why Mario didn’t bother shaving his moustache? He looks like some billiard legend from the Philippines.
  2. Research Please! – I need help on this part. Where do they go when they die underwater?
  3. What’s Mario’s Family Name? – does he even have one? Or is it just like any other fame thing like Madonna, Pele, Nene, etc….


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