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The “D” in Defense March 22, 2008

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In the game of Basketball, we often hear a lot of D‘s. As in “Don’t just stand there, Don’t dribble too much, Don’t just hit the rim, Damn referees, and a whole lot more D‘s….”

But there’s this one specific D that wins games as they say. The coaches shout it out loud. The players shout it out too, but the fans? I guess they do more than just shouting. Way back, the letter (now a word) “D” used to mean defense. But  now, I guess the fans had other things in mind.

This video pretty much explains what I mean. As you can see, a player in light blue jersey was (obviously) distracted with one of the fans who did a pretty good D (as in dance) in front of the guy on the free throw line, probably taking of 30% of his field goal shooting touch, and yes, the ball didn’t go through the ring.

And I can see why he missed.

Now this is one good  “D“, Don’t you think?
3 Critical:
  1. Just Don’t – I really can’t find a valid reason why you shouldn’t do this at home, or anywhere else, but person to person, just don’t.
  2. 39 “D’s” – is there a record for this? I did my math and counted 31 D’s in this post (excluding the title). This you can Digg.
  3. Free Throw Free Show – he might miss a free throw, but atleast he was given a Free SHOW. Right?


1. bloggersiva - March 22, 2008

Hi buddy,
Ya it seems to be a good ‘D’. since it is a wonderful plan to support their team, that particular supporter is dancing, but the madness is “HE IS DANCING WITH A PIECE OF DRESS, IF HE DID THE SAME EVEN WITHOUT IT, NO DOUBT EACH AND EVERY GOAL WILL BE MISSED”

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