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“Revver” – Sounds Like “Better” March 21, 2008

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What is Revver?

It’s basically just another video sharing community, with all the videos you can view, codes to embed, url’s to directly show the video, uploading, and downloading. Wait!!!! did I say DOWNLOADING????

Of all the video sharing sites at present, I guess this one pretty much gave the true meaning of sharing. For all we know, no other video streaming sites provide easy downloading of the videos that can be viewed, without the help of any add ons for your browser. Just one click. And it’s also the first video-sharing website to monetize user-generated content through advertising and share ad revenue with the creator. It’s like adwords in video for you.

And guess what? It comes as a plugin for WordPress. This time you won’t have to leave your site when yo want to publish, manage, and track your video content and it even allows your subscribers to submit their own video responses to your posts! It really makes you own what you truly own.

Now that’s how we like our videos to be treated right?
3 Critical:

  1. What Is Sharing? a lot of video sharing sites need to ask themselves this question. Coz what they’re doing, isn’t really called sharing. It’s just controlled sharing.
  2. Whe(Revver) Fo(Revver) – if Revver is really this good, it’s gonna be seen wherever there are videos in the internet, and it just might last forever.
  3. No “You” or “Tube” – if you want to be different, if you want to be better, then don’t use what you’re competitors are known for. Good thing this one’s got no “You” or “Tube” in it’s name. Go Original!!!


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