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“Hey Jude” – Baby Beatle March 21, 2008

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 For a lot of people, the Beatles is indeed the best band to ever exist, and until now their music is still uncontested. Who would ever forget songs like “Yesterday“, “Get Back” “Here There & Everywhere“, and a lot of hits that touched the hearts of every men, from their time until now.

But along with the praises are the critics too. No one doubts that the Beatles started the rock n roll fever, but not everyone agrees that they are the best band ever. But no matter what other people say we all would still remember the names: John, Paul, George, and Ringo as the members of the band that greatly influenced a lot of our musicians nowadays, and which songs influenced song of today too.

But just to add a little something to prove how their music has influenced a lot of people, young and old, of any race,  this video shows a little boy (or girl, i’m not really sure) singing one of  their hits…. the one that starts with “… Hey Jude“. And if you just liten to it, you’ll probably notice that he pretty much knows the lyrics of the song, how they sing it, how they moved, and yes.. how Paul shouted in the part “…better.. better.. better .. better..BETTER!!!!“.

This goes with a guitar too.

3 Critical:

  1. Beatle Fan Parents –  I guess there’s I can say this without a doubt. Or thy hate the band, but the kid knows how to get back on them.
  2. Brainwashed? – with the way he sings, the movements and the timing, it makes me wonder if it’s pure talent.. or he was brainwashed with it. No Beatle, No Milk!
  3. Who Is Jude? – I know the song, I know the lyrics, I even know the chords, but I surely don’t know who’s Jude… Is he their Barber ?


1. Paul - March 21, 2008

lol, man getting them started young these days.

btw: Hey Jude was written about john lennons son (jude is john lennons son). It is wierd that paul McCartney sings it, but thats the story as i know it.

2. avyaya - March 21, 2008

Awesome man. Very cute.

Thats a nice vid and yeah, Beatles would be there for ever.

3. Amber - March 26, 2008

I like your space. Thanks for stopping by!

4. mioliz - March 29, 2008

I remember “Hey Jude” was the first song I learned in my English class, I used to sing it all the time, but I must say this little boy does it better 🙂 Nice blog!

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