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Super Kitty !!!! March 20, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Funny, Photos.
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super man

Look!!! It’s a bird, NO! It’s a plane.. NO! it’s a … CAT? (just imagine a big question mark).

Now I’ve been surfing the net for quite some time now, and I’ve seen a lot of crazy things that I don’t even consider weird anymore coz it’s all around now, but when I saw this photo, it just made me laugh. HAHAHA.

No wonder why he’s hiding from the deadly powers of the Kryptonite. For all we know, it doesn’t really kill him. He can’t die either, but actually I found the reality to it that what it really does is make him FREE (I can hear the song “I want to break free….” now). Free as a bird as what they say.

Now the big question is…. Is the man of steel true to what he feels?

I guess this would be a nice basis for choosing a title for it’s coming sequel. I’m thinking something like “Superman: The Revelations”

With the lives of humanity in their hands, there’s just one thing I’m hoping for. I hope marriage would be legal in all countries, so as not to wreath havoc when they run their sides against us humans. And one more thing, is he the only one?

3 Critical:

  1. Bestfriend Lex – now don’t tell me there’s something going on between the two? B-friend as in Best friends or…… (you know)
  2. As Spidey’s Grandma Said – “…with great powers comes great responsibility“. Beauty, is a responsibility. And so is Pink. And those cute white dresses… and that handbag from Gucci… I swear.
  3. No Wonder Lois Lane (or Lana Lang) – I thought heroes were just unlucky people when it comes to loving girls, but after this… I guess they just haven’t found the right guy yet. It happens.




1. Jimmy - March 20, 2008

thank you for you visit to my blog. ESTO ES PA VERLO. The vidio´s dog don´t me.

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