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“Tropic Thunder” – Movie Trailer 2008 March 19, 2008

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Now here’s a movie worth waiting (or wasting) for. “Tropical Thunder” (modulated male voice over) . It may sound like another cheap action movie featuring firs time actors with their badly convincing acts, and lame explosions that my I can do better when I was 10, but actually it’s all the opposite of it. Except for the action part, coz there sure is a lot of action with this movie.

The movie is about a group of actors shooting a big-budget war movie forced to become the soldiers they are portraying due to some occurrences (another Justin Theroux and Ethan Cohen idea). And to make it better, they didn’t know it was real.

The movie, like I said, isn’t even near to cheap for it stars big names like Ben Stiller as Tugg Speedman (a pampered action superstar), much known to be addicted with action, Robert Downey Jr. as Kirk Lazarus (an award winning actor who went all the way to tanning “almost” most of his body to play a role of a black guy, Jack Black as Jeff ‘Fats’ Portnoy, a gross-out comedian by all means, and Brandon T. Jackson as Alpha Chino (a rapper).

Other casts include Nick Nolte (four leaf Tayback) and Justin Theroux (co-writer)

The movie is said to be released this summer.

3 Critical:

  1. What The Hell? – I’m referring to making Robert Downey Jr. into someone like Martin Luther King Jr. Where did they get this idea? the Black Iron MAn?
  2. Good Casting – the casts were professionally chosen to make this movie.  Which means, they chose actors willing to play any (with emphasis on the word ANY) role the stupidest, and dumbest way ever.
  3. Movie Within A Movie – even Spielberg didn’t make something like this. A movie about a movie.  Ahoooo! to the writers.


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