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Kristin Davis March 18, 2008

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 Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis, one of the “Beauties in 40’s” of showbiz today ha been claimed to be a star of, not another Sex And The City show, but of a homemade scandal. This time it’s more about sex than anything else about the city.

Pictures of Kristin has been visible in various internet sites since it was first seen last (17.03.08).

The photo stills were reportedly taken from a video showing Kristin cavorting with an unknown man.

According to sources, the ‘ representative of the 43-year-old actress has vehemently denied the star of the tape is Kristin.

She said: “This is not a photo of Kristin Davis. There is no sex tape.”

Meanwhile, adult movie star Ron Jeremy has accused celebrities of relying on sex tapes to revive their declining careers.

He said: “I love the excuse they use – ‘Oh, I don’t know how they got a hold of it!’ It’s such a big joke now. Any celebrity that is not doing so good, they jump by having a good sex scandal.”

It may seem like a very desperate act, but yes, it’s entirely logical.

3 Critical:

  1. So What? – so she’s the one in the photos, then? I think she got every bit of everything to make a good Sexy star.
  2. Principle Of A Scandal – I don’t know if they’ve learned lessons from others, but if they really want the issue to be done, then they shouldn’t deny. Accepting one’s scandal pretty much spoils the whole thing.
  3. What’s Next? A Movie –  don’t be surprised if you’ll see her star in a big movie soon. Trust me, these things don’t get unnoticed. Specially by the directors.


1. Serg - March 21, 2008

It’s HERE – Kristin Davis sex scandal…
blowjob movie and fully naked private shots!!!

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