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Who Let This Dogs Out!!!! March 17, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Funny, Photos, Weird & Unexplained.
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Fall Out Dog

Who let this dogs out???? Who? Who? Who?

Four questions I wanted to ask when I saw this short video. (a gif actually). And it’s worth sharing.

Well, atleast for those who are curious as to what will happen if a dog jumps from a train in transit, in a really really fast speed, and what a dog running with the train thinks or does when it sees one.

(as you can see, the answer happens to be none.)

A dog may be fast, and an run faster than most humans do. Maybe even outrun this train. Dogs might be kind, and disciplined, unlike some poeple who are now living a life like dogs do. And dogs may be smart, but they are not that smart. What was it thinking ?

But if there’s love involved, then maybe (just maybe) there’s logic.

3 Critical:

  1. Intentional? – is this just another cruelty to animals issue, or a military experiment obviously done wrong again? I wanna know.
  2. A Dog Named “Nuts” – actually there’s more possibility of this dog to be named nuts (coz it is), than for it to retain balance after jumping on the wrong direction from a train.
  3. Dog Mistakes – sometimes dogs bark at the wrong tree. Sometimes they pee on the wrong place. And in this case, sometimes they jump from a speeding train. And it’s wrong wrong wrong .


1. sleepyjane - March 17, 2008

OMG. I cringed when I watched this. That’s just wrong.

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