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Flyclear Card March 17, 2008

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flyclear card

So you find yourself waiting behind 20 or more persons, hoping to catch a flight that you can’t afford to miss, while the security personnels take time searching and inspecting every passenger in line ahead of you as if everyone is a potential threat (which is actually a good security measure) to the flight, and slowly you’re starting to realize that you hopes of catching the flight is slowly vanishing and you find yourself wishing there’s some way to tell the guards that you’re safe and clean…. then as you look on the opposite direction, you see a couple of guys walking (not even hurriedly) smiling and talking at ease, while they easily pass the security, by presenting some kind of identification, without any hassles, and no delays. Something you wished you could do.

Then you wonder, what did they have?

The answer is a FlyClear Card. For $99.95 a year plus a $28 TSA fee, you can buy your way out of hassles. The Flyclear has already been put into function, but for very few airports like Orlando, San Jose and JFK and the service is not available all day long. But the good thing is, a plan of expanding this technology is on the process.

It may be additional costs, but think of all the flights you would have missed without it. It may be a fair trade.

See more about it here.

3 Critical:

  1. So Neat – the design of the card is nothing but neat. It really says a lot about the service it provides.
  2. Trust Issues – assuming one possesses such card, does it really guarantee that the beholder is a safe person.
  3. Useless When Few – as of the moment, it’s still available in 3 cities. It doesn’t really make it use maximized, unless you’re only travelling within those cities.


1. marti - October 7, 2008

I joined Clear Pass and must say that after using it several times at different airports I am MORE THAN THRILLED about the time that it has saved me virtually every time I used it! I found the attendants at the Clear Pass lanes were cheerful and helpful (probably because the work load is way light — there was NEVER anyone else on the clear pass line!) and helped me through security quickly. I felt like a rock star going to the head of the line EVERY TIME with the Clear Pass attendants carrying my bags and smiling all the way. One flight I had that was in a way overcrowded airport with regular line out the door, saved me at least an hour by using the Clear Pass. I recommend Clear Pass to anyone who has little patience to wait in a line that inches along and would rather sit at the gate relaxing. If you use my Referral Code: SCA20888 when you sign up for the Clear Pass – both you and I will get a FREE MONTH! Thanks and good luck to you!

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