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Ken Lee – (Not) Without You March 14, 2008

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Ever since American Idol, a singing reality show, have been a hit on television, a lot of hopefuls have been discovered. Some were talented, some were extraordinary, and some were…. Special?

We all know that it’s not easy to be an idol. To be one, you still have to join long hours of falling in line just to be able to submit your application. Not even the auditions yet. Then when your qualified, you’ll still have to pass a couple of (make or break) auditions that doesn’t go without criticisms by honestly merciless judges. And that doesn’t count the fans, or fans with the opposite intention of course. But despite all of these, a lot of hopefuls are still s determined to try to reach their fame (or shame). Who can blame them, when lot of former contestants, and winners, have made it to the music industry with and reached their dream of fame thru shows like this.

In Bulgaria, however, another kind of talent has been discovered in their version of American Idol. Bulgarian Idol?

Well, this girl may not win the votes, but her videos got enough views to make an idol.

Does this lyrics sound familiar? This is definitely not Mariah Carey‘s “Without You”

No one ken to ken to sivmen… nor yon clees toju maliveh
Whan i gez aju zavateh na nalechoo more …new yonooz tonigh molinigh
yon sorra shooo…. yes ee shoooo, oooo

ken leee…. tulibu dibu douchooo… ken lee meju more.

ken leee …tulibu dibu douchooo… ken lee meju more.

I know. Me either. But it’s English. She’s confident about it.

3 Critical:

  1. I.D.O.L. – as in I Deserve One (million?) Laughs. Let’s face it, she does deserve more of it.
  2. “Talent Show” – before joining any show, make sure you look at the title, and what it’s about. Please do.
  3. No Comment – I honestly have no comment, and I won’t bother making one. Cause no comment is enough for this I guess. HAHAHA


1. alex - March 17, 2008

:))) lol :)))

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