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Wamu Confirmation Code Needs Discipline March 12, 2008

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wamu code

For those who have been surfing the net for quite some time, you’ll probably have your share of confirmation codes to be filled up before completing a registration in some sites, formal or not. Confirmation codes are usually made up of letters and numbers chosen at random to ensure that a registration is made by a person and not a net spider or bot.

Most companies providing confirmation codes for their websites usually exclude vowels to decrease the chances of forming a familiar word, which could possibly be predicted by non-human surfers in the net.

But others don’t, and guess what happens…

WAMU, a company that offers banking, financial services and mortgage loans online, made a funny mistake without even knowing it. If you look closely at the photo I presented (in the confirmation number portion), you can see why most companies emit the use of vowels to avoid making possible words. Any word could randomly appear, but this time it made quite a point to be noticed.

I guess that’s why (if you visit their website), they emphasize on saying “We’re the bank for everyday people” , cause that pretty much is an everyday word if you ask me.

3 Critical:

  1. Of All The Words – I have to say this. Of all the words that can make is laugh, it chose the word F*@K. Makes me wonder, was the word F*@K invented at random too?
  2. WAMU Means What? – I haven’t really navigated through the site that much, so forgive me if I don’t know what WAMU means, or if it stands for anything. It’s more like a confirmation code for me.
  3. The Question – I really have to ask it this way. (to whoever discovered  this). Did you f*@king enter the confirmation? hahaha.


1. Ted Stoffers - March 13, 2008

WAMU= Washington Mutual

Good bank, good customer service.

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