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Raul Midon – Unseen March 12, 2008

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raul midon

In the 14th day of March, one of the best musical talents will be celebrating his 42nd birthday, and this probable music legend goes by the name Raul Midon. An American singer-songwriter and guitarist from New Mexico, whose based in New York City. He’s distinctive voice makes you feel the soul of every song, the way he sings it tells another story, both of which makes him special. Among these, he’s bringing of an acapella and playing the guitar in ways we don’t normally made him more than just a good singer/songwriter, but a total performer.

The name might not strike you that much, but once you get to know this wonder, you’ll be remembering him along with Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. And yes, He’s blind.

Midón was born prematurely in a rural hospital in Embudo, New Mexico to parents of Argentine and African American descent. Midón and his twin brother Marco (now a NASA engineer) were blinded as infants after spending time in an incubator without adequate eye protection. The sounds of music became integral to Midón’s life at the age of 4, when his father introduced him to the drum. Since then, Midon became an avid music lover and learned how to play the guitar while performing in rigorous educational programs before attending the University of Miami, which he selected for its prestigious jazz curriculum.[1]

At this point, I hope you’re not saying that he’s just another acoustic wonder, slowly making waves in the music scene only to be remembered as an artist with several hits and one good album, then finally dissapearing in the scene only to find themselves desperately singing songs for movie soundtracks even without their names being acknowledged, because these guy right here is an icon, a legend yet to be discovered by others.

You’re lucky I have this blog to let you know.

3 Critical:

  1. 3 Great Albums – he might miss a lot of things that we’ve seen, but us now knowing albums: Blind To Reality (2001), State Of Mind (2005), and World Within A World (2007), I guess were the one’s who missed a lot of good stuff.
  2. Humble Beginnings – we might not know it, but Midon actually started his career as a back up singer for known artists like: Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Julio Iglesias and Jose Felician.
  3. Guitar Playing – and I do mean playing in a literal way. If you’ve seen his videos (which I recommend you do), way before he starts to sing I know you’ll be impressed with the way he plays with his guitar. He’ll make you wish he had your eyes, and you have his hands.


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