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Confessions of a T.V. Junkie March 11, 2008

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confessions of a tv junkie

Now here’s an interesting site I saw in the internet. www.turkeywhisperer.com. It’s actually a movie critic and review site, and I’m sure there are a lot like it in the internet, but this one caught my attention. It has this relaxing atmosphere when you’re navigating the site, credit that to the pastel colored layout of the site which compliments every part of the site by the way, and same goes with the combination of colors which don’t give us a headache watching if for a long time. (No neons above black background.)

Things like these just gives you a feeling of ease when your surfing the net and reading the latest reviews and spoilers of your favorite t.v. series. If you ask me, it’s simply internet comfort for me.

In case you’re curious, the name TurkeyWhisperer is derived from the idiom talk turkey which means “to speak frankly and get down to the basic facts of a matter”.

If your a fan of T.V. series, better tune in to this site and make it one of your daily surfing routine. And since it’s a free country, I guess the owner wont mind if you chip in a couple of comments or two. I know I did.

3 Critical:

  1. Internet Friendly – even beginners or first time surfers won’t have a hard time looking for whatever it is they’re looking for in this site. Everything’s simple and friendly.
  2. The TV Head – now thats creative thinking. There’s no better way to describe a T.V. junkie than that image.
  3. Up To Date – a good blog or site has to be updated, and this one’s always new… if you can’t get enough of your favorite T.V. shows, you wont get enough of what you’ll see here.


1. avyaya - March 11, 2008

Thats a really nice site pal.

Checked it out.

Thanks for introducing.

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