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aXXo is Back – “I Am Legend” March 9, 2008

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i am legend

We all know how good the movie ” I Am Legend” was, and we all know how good Will Smith movies are. But what makes the experience better than the ordinary is watching it in DVD. But what if you don’t have a dvd player? what if you don’t want to spend a penny buying one?

The answer is aXXo. And yes he’s back. A few hours ago aXXo uploaded his first movie in months. And what better movie to choose than something that defies what he is “I Am Legend”.

For the benefit of others, aXXo is a legend in the torrent world of the internet. All of his uploads made available in the internet are DVD quality guaranteed. And just to indicate how known he is, a lot of imitators try to take advantage by using his name when uploading files just to get attention.

Since November 11 2007, when the last official aXXo torrent was uploaded, it has been awfully quiet. Some people assumed that aXXo had got himself caught while others claimed he had an accident. After a while it became clear that he simply decided to take some time off.

Now, after nearly four months of absence aXXo has returned, and uploaded his first .torrent on Darkside RG and other torrent sites. This one’s definitely gonna be a good news for all the torrent users.

Before aXXo decided to take a break, an estimated one million people downloaded his DVDrips every month. The search term aXXo was undoubtedly the most popular at many torrent sites. Although there are conflicting opinions in respect of the quality of his work, there can be no dispute that he was, and still is, very popular indeed.

See some of his uploaded movies here.

3 Critical:

  1. Pirated Torrents? – CD’s and DVD’s are know heavily pirated, but torrents? Please stop using aXXo and upload a fake & low quality movie guys.
  2. The Legend – I guess we all are gonna agree on this part. Despite the critics, he’s still the best.
  3. Use Torrents – for all of you movie lovers out there, one piece of advise: Use torrents, or learn how to. With guy’s like aXXo, the experience of watching quality movies is just getting better. And cheaper.


1. Anurag - March 10, 2008

thanks to post comment.
i like your 3 critical way u r realy hard worker……….

2. avyaya - March 10, 2008

Thanks for posting that aXXo is back.

I know what his value is on PirateBay.

Glad to know that he is back.

Nice way of posting the reviews man.

3. axxofan - March 29, 2008


(and america)

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