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Windows XPeriment? March 7, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Computers, Internet, Technology.
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windows xp

If you’ve ever laid your hands on a computer, you’ll probably be familiar with Windows XP. The OS (operating system) of which most end users of computers are oriented with, and by this it also means that it’s more likely to be hacked than any other Operating System. (probably the only thing Windows is consistent with… and the never ending viruses of course.)

If you’re just a plain user, and you’re files are not really that important (like 20 gigs of porn), then hacking it wouldn’t really hurt that much, but it also ain’t hassle free. But for those with confidential informations inside their computer’s hard drive, then this posts a threat. But what if you have such information, but ain’t that good with computers? Is their a way to prevent hackers from getting the information? If there is, would someone like you be able to do it?

The answer is a big YES. And the solution is really really simple.

Experts say, our Windows XP’ed computer is safer if you don’t set any password at all than using some weak password like “abc123”.

Probably true, cause (according to my understanding) if you’re a hacker, you’re always going to assume that the computer has a password and try to look for it. But if there’s none, then you’ll be wasting your time looking for something if there’s nothing to be found.(Clever right?)

But that’s not it.

The real reason is, by using a blank password (or no password at all) this makes your computer more secure because Windows XP accounts, that are not protected by a password, cannot be accessed remotely over the network or the Internet.

In other words, you have to be physically in front of the computer in order to get in. (now that’s clever… but I’ll stick to my reason)

3 Critical:

  1. Too much thinking – if hackers fall for this, I guess there’s really really good at hacking that they suck in analogy.
  2. Windows XPeriment? – and experiment indeed. I guess we all experienced the trials, and a lot of errors using it.
  3. See what the users say – look at the photo (above), and you’ll see the hidden message of the users.


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