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Knight Rider – 2008 March 6, 2008

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the new KITT

I’ve been a fan of the old Knight Rider (1982-1986) TV series and was very excited to hear that NBC has released the “Pilot” episode of it’s remake, last February 17, 2008. Starring: Justin Bruening (Mike Traceur – son of Michael Knight), BruceDavison (Charles Graiman – KITT’s inventor), Deanna Russo (Sarah Graiman), Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Carrie Rivai – Agent)

Well thanks to the internet, now I can just download it minutes after it has aired without having those long waiting nights or disappointing days of missing it on television.

I’ve been a critic, and I very well know how important a “Pilot” is in every TV series. It basically determines whether the show flies or dives. (FYI: that’s why it’s called a “Pilot” episode). And as I see it, I can say it’s experiencing turbulence. The acting is not that convincing, the dialogues where somewhat dry, the transition of events were fast (which is good) but ineffective. Pilot episodes shouldn’t be this way. I’ll have t o say the old Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff (Michael Knight) was way better.

But without a doubt, I’ll have to say the new KITT (a Bad Ass Koenigsegg CCX) , blows the old Trans Am version if it. Not even close.

3 Critical:

  1. Better Script – Dave Andron(writer) better do his homework before making the second(if there is) episode, otherwise, the fans might only be watching to see the car in action and nothing else.
  2. Analyze Scenes – any show involving cars must be fast, but bringing the wrong scenes in speed spoils the whole thing. “To reach a point faster, you can either take the shortcut, or take control & speed it up.”
  3. Why Val? – forgive me for asking, but is he the only person out there who has that kind of voice? Or is it just another marketing thing. If it is, then it isn’t working that much, cause people seem to forget about Val. Like… “Oh! he was Batman?


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