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More Than Just a Coke… March 5, 2008

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There’s definitely no other cola better than a Coca Cola. It has been around since it was first sold (in a bottle) in 1894, refreshing the thirsts of the people from around 190 countries. Later on, in 1955, the Coke’s “in can” appeared in public, and eventually made “Coca Cola” or “Coke”, not just a name, but a an icon in the beverage industry.

But Coke ain’t just for drinking right? (What!!!!???).

Well just recently, the people learned to make use of Coke for other things. Things like: cleaning a burned saucepan, barbecue sauce (mixed with ketchup), applying lightly on photos to make a sepia effect, clean jewelries, bathroom cleaners, to loosen bolts, and the list goes on.

And that deserves a big WOW!!!. Friendly advise? bring one anywhere. You’ll never know.

Now I can sing “lalalalala… there’s always coca cola.”

3 Critical:

  1. No Joke – I’ve actually tried some of those and it really work. This Coke really ain’t no joke.
  2. What About It’s Smoke? – does anyone know what it’s smoke can do? (It might solve our problem with global warming.)
  3. For All Folks – with all the variations Coke has nowadays, it really gives a truth in the words “there’s a Coke for every folk.”


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