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What Kobe Should Be March 4, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Sports.
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Right after the glory days of the Los Angeles Lakers , (and after he and Shaq broke up and went separate ways), things have never been better for Kobe. From moving endorsements to Nike, to new tattoos, an MVP chant by the fans, the jaw dropping 81 points (and 52 just recently), tons of player of the week (and month) recognition, and leading the league in scoring almost every season. But the problem is, Kobe ain’t a team but a player, and in the NBA, you need a team to beat a team.

Ever since their 2001-2003 (3-peat), they’ve never been close to the finals. Obviously there’s nothing wrong about Kobe as a player, but as a player in a team, it’s questionable.

He may be the best player in the league today, but it’s the best teams that win the game.

So here are  things Kobe should be…..

3 Critical:

  1. Praying – coz maybe God will drop another 7’1″, 325 lbs. “diesel in the middle”, (who can shoot free throws) this time.
  2. Passing – we all know he can do it all, but his team mates can do it all with him too. Like together.
  3. Watching MJ’s videos –  and see how MJ made his team mates get involved. (And how he pushed Russel to make a jumper and beat the  Jazz). Or something like that.


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