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“Hi”Phone Rocks – (iPhone Sucks) March 4, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Computers, Technology.
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Apple’s iPhone captured much attention way before it was officially released to the public. Views of it’s demo videos were growing by thousands in a per second basis, and a lot of people talked about it. And then they bought it. And then then side effects came. And then it sucked.

With iPhone upsetting a lot of people, another technologically advanced phone emerged. I say: “If iPhone sucks, this thing surely rocks.”

And why not? It’s cheaper. Same features (See demo here), same look, same weight, same size. But the name is surely better. And it came with a very positive approach… something like “Hi!”

Ladies and gentlemen, say Hi! to the new “HiPhone“. For only It’s $239.00 (plus $15 shipping), you’ll get what iPhones can give, and more (like TWO Sim slots, triband GSM, is unlocked and carries no contract, & comes with TWO batteries too.)

So say goodbye to your iPhones and just say “Hi” to the new king of fake phones.

3 Critical:

  1. So Practical – yeah, cheaper means less durable most of the time, but come to think of it, you’re still gonna replace your iPhones sooner anyway right? Why Spend Much?
  2. 2 Is Better Than 1 – talking bout having to use two sim cards, and two batteries. Who wouldn’t want more?.
  3. Made In China – makes me wonder…. What isn’t?


1. Justin - March 12, 2008

You can’t be serious. If you think the iPhone sucks, then this thing has got to be the worst phone ever made. All the reviews are negative, and the UI looks horribly slow. If the lower price is what makes it so great, then I suppose the free crap phones you get from ATT or Verizon are the best phones ever made?

It is ridiculous to say that a phone that TRIED to copy the iPhone is somehow better because it is cheaper, despite all of the short comings. One could even make the argument that the HiPhone would be more expensive in the long run. For example, no carrier offers unlimited data plans for $20 (with the exception of ATT for iPhone). Also, what is the warranty like on this thing? Most of the people who actually received their HiPhone after ordering were shipped the wrong USB cable, and are unable to even charge the device.

You say that it has the same features, and while they may have been able to mimic some of the features, it falls way short of what the iPhone is capable of. The screen resolution and size, overall size, camera quality, usability, tech support, wi fi, accessory options, syncing capabilities, applications (maps, SMS, You Tube, weather and more to come with the SDK) video out, developer community, games, memory, and the list goes on… How could you justify dumping all of these features so that you can replace the battery yourself and save $150 in the short term? I’ve never replaced a battery in any cell phone I have ever owned!

The only reason I could see anyone buying this piece of crap is if you lived in China or anywhere else where the real iPhone is still unavailable. Their only option is to pay a premium for an unlocked iPhone ($500-$600 USD) or pay a smaller amount for a phone that does significantly less.

I really hope you are trying to be facetious here.

2. grumpey justin - April 12, 2008

justin why so negetive

3. duke - April 19, 2008

i just want to know where can i buy a hi phone usb cable seperately

4. Robert - April 23, 2008

you can buy the usb home and auto chargers on Ebay come to think about it you can pretty much find anything you want on either Ebay or Amazon.com

5. duke - May 3, 2008

what do i search under

6. everydayman - May 3, 2008

You can try under USB Chargers or USB cable

7. duke - May 22, 2008

how do i download music on the hi phone

8. johnny - July 11, 2008

how do i download music from my computer media

9. everydayman - July 11, 2008

I’m not really sure but if it’s basically the same as the usual downloading of songs, then you might want to try using airmp3.com. I usually download songs by album that’s why I use torrents to download.

Hope this helps.

10. Diesel - August 6, 2008

Wow Justtin…your really mad, you must of paid way too much for an iPhone. hahahaha!!

11. everydayman - August 7, 2008

Hahaha.. Not really. I never had one.

12. iPhone 3G Singapore - August 23, 2008

Tell you what. This bloody HiPhone is a total fake. Its so thick and its no where near iPhone 1st gen. The functions it has totally suck out. Even though iPhone is not the top of the line, its still better than this phone. I heard that if you order from the net, high chance is that they’ll ship you the wrong usb port and charger. so ur HIPHONE only lives for 2 batteries.

13. lolli - September 2, 2008

u can not find a charger for this phone anywhere, it is almost impossible if anyone comes across one please tell me.
for the hiphone i32

14. janegoggle - September 15, 2008

you can use the data cable (for data transfer with PC). Connect the USB end to a PC/Notebook USB port and the other end to your Hi-Phone.

15. Mario - September 22, 2008

this damn ph is a piece of crap , useless, aplications suck!! never ever buy that , u ll regret 4 eva

16. annie - December 29, 2008

HOw do I get the battery OUT!!!!

17. mr.high - May 2, 2009

what phone company works best with this i9 hi phone.? does boost take these phones?

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